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thermal imaging rifle scope Rico Series
Инфракрасный тепловизионный прицел серии Rico

Серия Rico относится к инфракрасному тепловизионному прицелу с многофункциональными возможностями расширения. Эта продукция оснащена переменным лазерным дальномером, съемным комплексом батареи, окуляром с увеличением до 16 раз и недавно обновленным операционным програmmным обеспечением.

thermal clip on rifle scope Clip T Series
Фронтальный инфракрасный прицел, Серия ClipT

Серия Clip T - одна из самых дешевых инфракрасных фронтальных прицепов с малым объемом на рынке в настоящее время. Она может использоваться в сочетании с белыми прицелами с низким энергопотреблением, низкой стоимостью и миниатюризацией.

thermal imaging rifle scope Tube Serie
Инфракрасный тепловизионный прицел серии Tube

Серия Tube представляет собой топовый инфракрасный прицел, его внешний вид  аналогичен белому прицелу, работа с ним также соответствует пользовательской привычке белого прицела, особенно подходит для профессиональных охотников, которые чрезвычайно обратят внимание на традиции и ищут технические преимущества.

handheld Thermal Imager DV Series
Инфракрасная цифровая фотокамера, серия DV

Серия DV может использоваться в качестве инфракрасной цифровой фотокамеры или плагина для мобильного телефона. При подключении к мобильному телефону ее можно использовать в качестве инструмента для измерения температуры в режиме реального времени. Устройство имеет небольшой объем, весит всего 89 г. и может быть помещено в карман. Хотя размер небольшой, однако функция мощная

handheld Thermal Imager Finder Series
Серия Finder ручного тепловизора для дистанциометрии

Продукты серии Finder легкие и удобные при себе, особенно подходят для работы одной рукой, которые нужно положить в карман в любое время и в любом месте. Компактный дизайн делает Finder лучшим выбором для наружного наблюдения.

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.More

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.

InfiRay Tips: How much do you know about InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode?
InfiRay Tips: How much do you know about InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode?

Have you ever been stopped for hunting in inclement weather conditions such as rain, fog or other worse weathers because of the following lower quality thermal images your thermal devices created:? a) Bad image quality in sharpness and clarity b) Lack of details and levels on thermal imaging c) Difficulties to recognize with human’s eye This picture was produced when the test environment was thick fog The reasons why we received lower thermal imaging quality when using thermal under those weathers or conditions may root in aspects: Small temperature difference, high humidity, more density of the medium in the air than average or normal days, etc. These negative factors caused by worse weathers require more to thermals featuring higher performance to ensure thermal imaging with better clarity. InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode Regarding the issues and also because providing users with clear thermals is also the unremitting pursue of InfiRay Outdoor, we have developed “Ultra clear” mode in our products line: Rico, EYE II V2.0, Saim, Tube and Clip C models. By enhancing the NETD value of thermal sensor embedded in the devices, we can improve the sensor’s response rate to the changing temperature difference happening around the environments. When you active the “Ultra clear” mode in InfiRay’s thermal devices under the adverse surroundings, you will receive improved thermal imaging with better clarity and details than before. Contrast diagram: the left was taken in the sick fog without activation of “Ultra clear” mode, the right was taken with the “Ultra clear” mode activated. Obviously, we can distinguish the difference and quality between the thermal images formed under the two different situations, clearly one looks blurry, the other looks crisp through our necked eye. So what can the Ultra clear mode of InfiRay Outdoor models realize when we what to continue our hunting trips or outdoor activities in the bad weathers: a) Better clarity on imaging, more crisp and sharp images b) Richer detailedness and levels of imaging c) Improved recognition of observed targets Simple instruction for operating InfiRay Outdoor provides not only industry-leading thermal technology and solutions, but also contributes ourselves into giving designs allowing users to handle or operate our thermals in the simplest ways. So how we can simply activate “Ultra clear” mode on the InfiRay’s devices (Taking E6+ V2.0 as an example), just two simple steps: Step1: Activate the main menu system on your InfiRay thermal device. Step2: Turn on the EYE icon (symbolizing the “Ultra clear” mode), the function will be activated. In two steps, you can reach the “Ultra clear” Mode, enjoy the thermal superiority that InfiRay Outdoor brings you, received the improved imaging quality with better clarity. So if your device has the “Ultra clear” Mode, don’t forget to activate it in the bad weather!

Discover: How InfiRay Outdoor Realize “Clear” Imaging?
Discover: How InfiRay Outdoor Realize “Clear” Imaging?

Whether you are new-coming thermal goers or loyal pro staff for thermal, having thermal imagers or devices featuring “clear” imaging will provide not only possibilities of object basic objects recognition, but also clearest thermal imaging with richer details and higher contrast levels. InfiRay Outdoor always puts the image quality to priority, so how does it realize “clear”, let’s discover! a) Top-notch and self-developed high-performance thermal sensors The heat energy alone can’t form directly imaging on the display, they need converting process becoming electronic signals supported by thermal sensors. InfiRay has world-leading thermal sensor technology and has adopted high-performance uncooled vanadium oxide thermal sensors on thermal outdoor products. These thermal sensors from InfiRay will result in higher thermal sensitivity, higher detail recognition capability and less limitation for the using conditions, creating higher quality thermal imaging with enhanced crisp details. But Rome was not built in a day, industry leading thermal sensor technology of InfiRay derived from their persistent value pursue in: 1) Having built a mature R&D system(Research and Development)dedicated on thermal sensors and invested large number of resources in thermal sensor Tec innovation. 2) While 17μm is still the mainstream of the thermal imaging sensors, InfiRay’s well-developed 12μm technology has been widely used. 3) Already developed industry-leading 10μm thermal sensor technology. 4) Capable of developing and producing the sensors by itself, which means InfiRay Outdoor can use its newest and mature sensor technology on the hunting devices more quickly compared with other competitors, ensuring InfiRay Outdoor to provide Ultra clear imaging for customers, improving user experience. b) Adopting F1.0 thermal lens The smaller the F aperture value of the thermal lens, the thermal energy transmissivity will be certainly improved. F1.0 stands for the focal length of the thermal lens equaling the diameter of the entrance pupil which also has higher requirements for producing cost and workmanship. Besides allowing more thermal radiation into the thermal devices, F1.0 thermal lens also facilitate effectively the reduction of noise and promotion of thermal imaging details. So for enhancing user experience in thermal InfiRay has already adopted F1.0 thermal lens in most thermal outdoor products. c) Advanced proprietary integrated thermal imaging algorithm InfiRay’s proprietary Matrix III algorithm can achieve normal function of integrated thermal algorithms, intensifying the original thermal imaging formed by thermal sensor, improving the discerning of imaging. In addition, it will attach more importance to the processing of thermal details and sharpness and improve the object identification capabilities for users’ eyes. In conclusion, the secret of InfiRay Outdoor realizing “clear” thermal imaging features are coming from our strengths in: 1) Adopting F1.0 therma...

InfiRay Talks: What Determine “Ultra clear” of The Thermal?
InfiRay Talks: What Determine “Ultra clear” of The Thermal?

As it referred to expression or evaluation of thermal imaging, the clarity and sharpness are most mentioned by people, words like crisp, clear even Ultra clear are often talked about. But do you know how or what rate the thermal imaging clarity of the thermal imager you owned now? Does it have ultra-clear image quality performance? The factors that determine the imaging clarity of thermal products maybe are different from traditional cameras. If we know the certainties determining the imaging, we can acknowledge effectively whether the thermal products have Ultra clear thermal imaging in more scientific ways and choose the preferable one for self. Of course, there is another simple solution that is to look through InfiRay’s products. Becauseproviding users with Ultra clear thermals is also what they put to priority. F aperture value of the thermal lens The F aperture value denotes the ratio of the thermal system's focal length to the diameter of the entrance pupil. The smaller the F aperture value of the thermal lens, the more thermal energy radiation can enter the thermal device through the lens. So that the thermal sensor can receive more heat power signals, and will create higher quality thermal imaging with more details and richer classifications in imaging levels. Nowadays InfiRay has already adopted F1.0 thermal lens in most thermal outdoor products. High performance thermal sensors As known to us, thermal sensors will convert the heat power signals from the object into thermal imaging and give feedback on the display. The consisted parts of sensors work with each other interactively that will influence the thermal imaging clarity, such as the response rate of NETD value, the lower the NETD value, the higher the response rate of sensors. The whole positive progress leads to instant capturing of minimal temperature difference emitting from or happening on the objects we want to create thermal images with best clarity. InfiRay has top notch thermal sensor technology. While 17μm is still the mainstream of the thermal imaging sensors, their well-developed 12μm technology has been widely used.  Morever, they can develop and produce the detectors by themselves, which means they can respond to the customers’ demands more quickly than the competitors. Algorithm inside of the thermal When the thermal sensor capture heat power volume from the objects, convert it into the signature and form thermal imaging, the integrated algorithm will intensify the original thermal imaging due to the reason caused by the physical lack of thermal lens and the nonuniformity of imaging, in order to realize the visibility and feasibility of the object recognition. Besides this, it will also make compensations to the black pixels that appear in the imaging progress during the observation. So the final thermal imaging will display more contrast and completeness. The Matrix III algorithm developed by InfiRay can achieve not only the functions above, but also the detai...

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